Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are more comfortable to wear than ever and, with frequent advances in technology, they are suitable for more people and a greater range of prescriptions than before.

We provide a comprehensive contact lens fitting service and offer completely independent advice. Order lenses as you require or opt for our premier scheme and get peace of mind with lenses and professional aftercare appointments included, as well as great discounts on your spectacles. 

Whether you enjoy playing sport, nights out, or simply want a break from your glasses, contact lenses could be the perfect solution for you.  Maybe you just are fed up of the rain on your spectacle lenses!

There are several options available:

Daily disposables - soft lenses designed to be worn once. Each lens is individually packed in a sterile blister pack and comes in a box of 30. They are ideal for people who want to wear their lenses only occasionally or those who enjoy a fresh lens each use. They are available in colours to change the appearance of your eyes.

Frequent replacement lenses - for more frequent wear, they are available as monthly or fortnightly replacement lenses. They are designed to be worn daily and cleaned overnight by following a simple process. A very popular lens choice, they offer excellent value for people who enjoy wearing their lenses most days.  They are also available in colours to change the appearance of your eyes.

Toric lenses - a great option to give patients with astigmatism better vision than standard contact lenses. Even if you have been told before that your prescription is unsuitable for contact lenses, nowadays there could be a toric lens suitable for you.  They are available as daily disposable and frequent replacement lenses.

Multifocal lenses - for people who need two pairs of glasses, one for reading and one for distance, these contact lenses combine the two visions into one lens.  They are available as daily disposable and frequent replacement options.

Gas permeable lenses - a mainstay of contact lens wear, they have been a great servant to contact lens wearers for years.  They are smaller and more rigid than soft lenses.  They are good for patients who have more complex prescriptions. They last about a year and need to be looked after with a simple cleaning regime.

Come in and talk to us about contact lenses. Or send us a question via our Contact Us page.